ev Transportation Services Inc. has developed an all-electric lightweight utility vehicle called FireFly ESV that is designed to meet essential-services users’ requirements. According to the founder, chairman, and CEO of evTS, David Solomont, the FireFly ESV can be modified in accordance with the requirements of almost any task that is aimed to deliver.

Built for Parking Control and Curb Management


The FireFly ESV is built for parking control and curb management. It is a dependable workhorse that will run all day and is aimed to help parking enforcement officers complete their jobs effectively and efficiently. The greatest advantage of this utility vehicle is that it significantly reduces operating costs and increases vehicle uptime because it is virtually maintenance-free.


Ideal Parking Specific Vehicle


Statistics show that the use of Parking Specific Vehicles (PSVs) is significantly more efficient than on-foot enforcement. Moreover, it has been proven that it is more effective than the use of standard vehicles. David Solomont and his team designed the FireFly ESV with a number of features that facilitate parking enforcement responsibilities among parking enforcement systems and the ability to integrate tightly with advanced license plate recognition (ALPR).




Due to its tight turning radius and slim design, FireFly ESV can be maneuvered with ease around narrow streets and alleys, and also can be parked in tighter, smaller, and tighter urban environments.




FireFly ESV occupants can feel safer due to the integrated safety cage and safety belts that this utility vehicle provides.




Solomont points out that this vehicle can pull into fast-moving traffic with ease because of its extraordinary ability to reach speeds that are electronically governed, up to 50 mph in just seconds. FireFly ESV is highly visible to moving traffic because of its optional lighting packages and overall height.


Modular Bed Design


David Solomont specifies that a modular bed design can be built to suit the needs that it is aimed for. For example, a lockable bed or a sectional bed that allows room for boots and parking cones can be added.




Rather than contributing to the problem of traffic congestion, FireFly’s friendly size and appearance allow PEOs to become a part of the solution to this problem. For more information, visit the website of David Solomont.

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