Air pollution is a major environmental issue in cities around the world. Globally, air pollution is a major environmental problem. More than any other sector of the economy, the transportation sector accounts for 27 percent of US greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to emitting most of the transportation sector’s greenhouse gases, passenger cars and light trucks also pose serious air quality problems; at least 125 million US residents reside in areas with poor air quality.

In reality, vehicles are used for a wide range of tasks every day. Deliveries are made, trash is picked up, and security is maintained. There are some things that only the right vehicle can help you achieve in congested areas, at remote work sites, in parks, at schools, and in businesses everywhere. There are some vehicles that leave a lasting imprint on the environment, and there are others that leave a fleeting shadow. David Solomont, Founder & CEO at evTS, invites you to learn more about the Firefly ESV®, an all-electric commercial light utility vehicle designed for a right-sized market.

Meet the FireFly

The FireFly is designed with performance and versatility in mind. It is street legal as well as highway capable. Additionally, it has a longer battery life, a larger payload, and can be customized to meet the needs of nearly any task. A variety of accessories are available, including factory-approved License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems and customized emergency light packages. FireFly’s modular beds can be customized according to your needs, including electronic lift dumps, first responder inserts, lockable storage and ladder racks, or refuse collection beds. There is no limit to how many options we can provide – only your requirements limit us!

A variety of tasks can be accomplished by the FireFly ESV, including parking enforcement security, last mile urban delivery, property and grounds maintenance, or first response.


Clean Urban Delivery

David Solomont and his team have made this vehicle truly environmentally friendly, virtually maintenance-free, and compliant with government guidelines. Due to its short turning radius, walk-in/walk-out LinearGlyde® doors, and full visibility for the driver, the FireFly ESV provides a practical and comfortable way to navigate tight spaces. Its design and functionality can be customized to meet any customer’s needs.

In order to provide comfort and convenience to today’s mobile worker, the FireFly ESV cabin has been thoughtfully designed. Its ergonomic use of space provides a spacious feel, with best-in-class legroom, center, left or right-hand drive, adjustable, easy-to-clean heated fabric bucket seats, and multiple seating configuration options.


Final Words

It is possible to reduce carbon pollution as well as improve air quality by transitioning our transportation sector from its near-total dependence on oil to electricity. Transport can, and should, be electrified while the electric sector is further cleaned up. It will take time to switch fleets of cars and trucks to cleaner energy sources, but we should be determined to see it through.

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