About evTS

ev Transportation Services, Inc (“evTS”) is a Boston-based company, founded in 2015 by David Solomont. This company dedicates to designing, developing, and manufacturing all-electric lightweight commercial utility vehicles and fleet management solutions.

Currently, evTS focuses on the essential services transportation market.

Parking enforcement, security patrol, utility meter reading, parks & recreation, sanitation, airports, seaports, universities, warehouses & fulfillment, and local small package delivery are some of the end-user applications for the company’s vehicles.

The FireFly ESV Electric Vehicle

The main product of evTS is an electric vehicle, named FireFly ESV. This electric vehicle is high-performance, low-maintenance, and with zero emissions.

David Solomont and his team at evTS created the FireFly ESV with the aim to meet the needs of essential services users.

In order to bring superior acceleration, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced reliability, this utility vehicle utilizes the LiFePO4, Lithium Iron Phosphate, the safest Lithium-Ion battery technology available. Due to this, the vehicle has a range of 100+ miles on a single charge, which is further than any other electric vehicle in its class.

What’s more, the design of the FireFly ESV can be adapted to the requirements of virtually any task and application, such as parking enforcement, security to property, grounds maintenance, last-mile urban delivery, on-campus tasks, and more.

The New 2021 Model of the FireFly ESV

Recently, ev Transportation Services, Inc announced the launch of their new 2021 model of the FireFly ESV. This new model retains all foremost features of the previous FireFly ESV models, with an extensive upgrade of features and accessories.

A bigger cab with more legroom,  an enlarged door for even easier vehicle access, an improved in-cabin experience with a more modern feel, and a new windshield design with improved visibility, are some of the upgrades of the new model.

A number of new rear bed accessory attachments are available in the new 2021 Firefly ESV model, such as electric dumper, EMT bed, package & food delivery beds, utility bed, and an optional trailer hitch with electronic braking control.

The Chairman and CEO of evTS, David Solomont, has stated that this new model is the company’s best and most advanced model yet. Moreover, the new FireFly ESV 2021 model will enable the company to fill the critical and rapidly expanding need for essential service vehicles, particularly for last-mile on-demand urban delivery vehicles.

Solomont also has pointed out that when they have redesigned the 2021 FireFly ESV, they had maintainability in mind. The new model is equipped with the evTS Connected Vehicle System, which includes in-vehicle Wi-Fi, an internet-accessible vehicle management system with remote diagnostics, real-time 360-degree video monitoring, and automated performance monitoring with low battery alerts.

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